From those itty bitty baby toes, to the gap toothed wide grins of elementary school, and all the quiet cuddled up moments wrapped in your loving arms in between - I'm here to help you capture it all.  I truly believe that photos are priceless heirlooms that should be passed down from generation to generation, helping to keep the story of our pasts alive. I remember spending hours cross legged on the floor of my mother's bedroom flipping through those crinkly photo albums, wanting to know all the stories behind the faces - and how happy it made her to share all the little details and funny stories of each photo. Let me tag along on a quiet morning or sun drenched evening to tell the story of your family through my lens - forever capturing the love and laughter of this time in your lives. 


Hi, I'm Jessica


am so excited you're here! Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I'm here to help make it one of yours too.


Say Hello

 I moved to Baltimore in 2007 and though it took me a while to feel like I belonged here - "Smalltimore" has definitely grown on me! I love SO much about this city and what it has to offer. Some fun things about me: I drink WAY too much iced coffee, play my music too loudly (mostly country and Bon Jovi to my husband's dismay), and never pass up a chance to go to the beach! Aside from photography, I spend the rest of my free time crafting things for our home and running after my two boys with their baby sister tagging along on my hip.

I committed to my business vision 9 years ago and am so grateful for that decision every day! Being able to build a business while doing something I love is a gift I am incredibly thankful for. Specializing in natural light photography allows me to genuinely capture those special moments between you and your loved ones in a simple yet beautiful way.  My #1 goal when shooting is a happy client experience - before, during and after our shoot.
I look forward to working with you and thanks for stopping by!

A jersey girl transplanted to Baltimore

My background story

             true Jersey girl born and raised, I spent a
                good portion of my college years falling
in love with NJ and NYC behind a camera lens.


A Look into my


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With as crazy as our schedules get - my husband and I still make time for family vacations and weekend getaways with the kids as often as we can. From the beach in OBX to local playgrounds,
fairs and festivals - you can almost always find us somewhere
new every weekend. I love being with my kids and
making new memories with them!
They're only little once and I try to remind myself of that daily,
even when I find one of them drawing on my freshly painted walls....


My Favorite Things

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While it's a little harder with three kids in tow....I LOVE to travel to new places and try new things. New sites, sounds, tastes and people excite me. I grew up spending summers in South America,
but have so many more places on my bucket list left to visit!
Have you been somewhere new and amazing lately?!
Drop me a message because I want to hear all about it!

Exploring new places


My Favorite Things

"I cannot speak highly enough of Jessica and her work. The moment you meet her,
you're comfortable. Is there anything more important in family photos? 
I promise you, you will be thrilled with every single image! " - Jessica G.

"Jessica is pure magic. You might have grumpy children, an impatient husband, or impossibly tight, but oh-so-cute boots that are cutting off circulation to your toes, and yet STILL, Jessica captures those priceless, precious moments between you and your loved ones. She snaps that camera lens and then those moments are yours forever to cherish! Her keen eye for gorgeous lighting is just the cherry on top. Somehow she catches beautiful moments that you don’t even remember happening." - Helena H.

"Jessica is great! She always gets my kids to smile and they have fun in the process. Her ideas and set ups are so creative. She is awesome at helping pick out outfits for everyone so that our pictures looks amazing each time. GO with Jessica, you will not be disappointed!!!" - Holly Z.

"We booked a session in the sunflowers with a 2 year old and 7 month old... Should have been a train wreck, right?? Nope. Jessica was amazing with my fussy toddler who started like Velcro. She had a few sessions scheduled but we didn't feel rushed at all. She got great baby smiles and even my photo-hating husband suggested we do a yearly family shoot...with Jessica." - Caroline K.